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Promoting "JBS Detailing"

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James from JBS Detailing used The Word of Mouth Marketing Network to promote his company. James had never advertised online or on Social Media before and needed new customers in order to expand his business.

A Micro-Task was setup on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network that was designed to get his Facebook Advert seen by new potential clients.
Micro-Task Details:
Share a Facebook Advert

Number of Times To Complete This Micro-Task:

Each Micro-Task Generates:
Approximately 50 Unique Advert Views

TOTAL Number of Advert Views Expected:

(120 Micro-Tasks x 50 unique people viewing the advert = 6000 unique advert views)


After just 12 days of the Facebook Advert being shared 7 new clients had booked and paid for the services of JBS Detailing using their online payment system.

The price for each service JBS Detailing sold was £500 (approximately $655 ) meaning the total income from the Promoted Advert was £3,500 (approximately $4585 ) after just 12 days.

Total Advertising Spend was £200 (approximately $250 ).

Therefore, the Total Profit for JBS Detailing was £3,300 (approximately $4335 ) after just 12 days of Advertising a high-cost service.

How We Did It - A Step-by-Step Guide

What My Client Said

"I am happy to recommend Marcus and The Word of Mouth Marketing Network to anyone."

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You'll also be able to see the results delivered live and as they happen. No complicated jargon or confusing terms to understand with my service whatsoever.

My guarantee is simple, if my service doesn't deliver the results you have paid for then I'll give you your money back - straight away and with no questions asked!


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