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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

More Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I try The Word of Mouth Marketing Network first?

You can submit your adverts to The Word of Mouth Marketing Network 100% FREE OF CHARGE.

We'll then contact you to discuss the most effective ways to promote your adverts and ultimately find you new customers.

Simply click HERE to Submit Your Advert For Free.
2I'm ready to advertise with you. How do I get started?
Simply click HERE to Submit Your Advert For Free.
3What does it cost to advertise on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network?
You can submit your adverts on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network absolutely FREE.

If you think advertising on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network could work for your business then you can start with as little as 1000 Micro-Tasks costing just $250
4How will my business be promoted?
That's entirely up to you, but I will work with you to decide the most effective way people can advertise your business and help find you new customers.

Micro-Tasks will then be setup on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network for different people to complete.

Typically, having your Facebook Page, Posts, Pictures and Adverts shared by different Independent Promoters is the most effective way to find you new customers.

So, you could have 100 Independent Promoters completing a Micro-Task that is designed to share an existing review or case study you have on your Facebook Page.

Every time something is shared on Facebook it is usually seen by another 50 people.

So, with 100 Independent Promoters sharing one of your Facebook Posts your post would be seen by around 10,000 different people. (100 people sharing to 100 different people = 10,000)

That gives you 10,000 opportunities for someone to see and buy from your business.
5Who will promote my business?
I have a highly skilled team of Independent Promoters working with my service who are ready to promote your business on your behalf, using The Word of Mouth Marketing Network.

All Independent Promoters are continually monitored to ensure they are working to the highest possible standards.

Newly registered Independent Promoters go through a period of training and monitoring to ensure their work is of suitable quality. This training period is at least 1 month and ensures their work will not harm your business in any way whatsoever.

Only once an Independent Promoter has proved themselves completely capable and trustworthy of completing Micro-Tasks to the highest quality are they granted access to promote on behalf of real clients.

I also consistently monitor and spot-check that any future Micro-Tasks Independent Promoters engage in are always carried out to the high standards I set.
6What if I am not happy with how my business is being promoted?
If ever you are not happy with how Promotional Micro-Tasks are being completed by an Independent Promoter then I simply ask that you contact me.

I will then contact that Independent Promoter and ensure they stop promoting your Business / Product or Service.

Any promotional work that they have carried out can also be removed.
7Are there any other costs?
No. You only need to pay a set amount of money for a fixed amount of Micro-Tasks.
8Do I have to physically pay the people who complete Micro-Tasks on my behalf?

I handle all payments to all Independent Promoters.
9Do you have safe-guards in place to stop promoters abusing the system?
Yes, of course.

For Example:

If an Promoter is only finding the same people to click on your website link over and over again then YOU WILL NOT PAY FOR THOSE WEBSITE CLICKS.

If an Independent Promoter is not completing a Micro-Task correctly then that Promoter will NOT GET PAID.

I regularly spot-check promoters to ensure they are completing Micro-Tasks correctly.

I also have many advanced technologies to prevent abuse / fraud.

If an Independent Promoters work is under any suspicion then I will immediately limit their account until they prove they are promoting your business correctly.
10What if I find that your service isn't working for my Business?
I will work with you during the initial "setup" phase to ensure that my service will meet your requirements.

If you later find that my service is no longer working for your Business / Product or Service I will either change how your Business / Product or Service is being promoted - or I will simply cancel the service if that is your desire.

Whatever the outcome, I always want to ensure you are satisfied.
11Do you offer a refund policy / money back guarantee?
Yes I do.

If your business has NOT been promoted as agreed (for example: You request website visitors from the UK but only get a majority of website visitors from other countries) then the following process will be followed:

  1. I will refund any spent Micro-Tasks back to your balance so that it can be reused on other Micro-Tasks.

  2. If the same happens again (i.e your business is not promoted as agreed) then you may contact me and I will issue a direct refund back to your original payment method.

If your business has been promoted as agreed then unfortunately no refunds will be issued for any used or unused Micro-Tasks.
12What countries does this work in?
My service works worldwide but support is limited to ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE only.
13How do I determine different prices for customers based in different countries?
For customers outside of the USA prices are already converted from US DOLLAR PRICES to your local currency based on the Yearly Average Exchange Rates of 2018.

I use the Yearly Average Exchange Rates for 2018 to ensure all prices are fair and accurate across all the different currencies accepted.

For example:
  • $250 US Dollars converted to British Pounds (£) = £190 (at a rate of 0.75)
  • $250 US Dollars converted to EUROS (€) = €215 (at a rate of 0.848)
  • $250 US Dollars converted to New Zealand Dollars (NZ$) = NZ$365 (at a rate of 1.447)
  • $250 US Dollars converted to Australian Dollars (A$) = A$335 (at a rate of 1.340)
  • $250 US Dollars converted to Canadian Dollars (C$) = C$325 (at a rate of 1.297)
  • $250 US Dollars converted to Hong Kong Dollars (HK$) = HK$1960 (at a rate of 7.838)

A small fee of up to BUT no more than $4 US DOLLARS are already included in prices in certain currencies to cover the additional charges incurred to process transactions in different currencies.

The full list of rates can be found here:
14Will this work on my phone / tablet / laptop / computer?
Yes, advertising on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network works across a wide range of devices.
15I have a question not listed here...
Please contact me using the web form on this page.

I will then respond to you within 24 hours.

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