Pricing - The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

What Does It Cost?

Submitting your Business Adverts for people to promote on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network is absolutely FREE.

Then, it costs $250 for 1000 Micro-Tasks.
This guarantees that different people will promote your Business Adverts 1000 times.

With 1000 Micro-Tasks every single business who has advertised using The Word of Mouth Marketing Network has received at least 50 new customers.

Calculate the Cost Per Customer using the simple calculator below:

How many customers would you like our Marketing Team to help you find? Number of Times Your Business Will Need To Be Promoted: Estimated Number of People Who Will See Your Business Adverts: Estimated % of People Who Will Become A Customer: Cost Per Customer: TOTAL COST:











What Results Can You Expect?

Every time a Micro-Task is completed around 50 people will see your Business, Website or Social Media advert.

So if 1000 Micro-Tasks are completed then around 50,000 people will see your business being advertised.

(1000 Micro-Tasks x 50 Unique Advert Views = 50,000 Unique Advert Views)

Next, we consider conversion rate.

Usually 0.1% of total advert views convert in to new customers.

0.1% of 50,000 advert views = 50 new customers.
Finally, we consider estimated profits.

If each sale was worth just $25, with 50 sales the total sales income would be $1250.

You would have spent $250 in Advertising - Meaning your profit would be $1000.
All for just a $250 Advertising Spend!

Our Results Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll get great results advertising on The Word of Mouth Marketing Network that we offer a 100% FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

For example, if we agree to promote your content 1000 times on Facebook, or if you want 50,000 new visitors to your website then that's exactly what you'll get. If you don't get the results you paid for then you'll get a FULL REFUND.

You'll also be able to see the results delivered live and as they happen. No complicated jargon or confusing terms to understand with our service whatsoever.

Our guarantee is simple, if our service doesn't deliver the results you have paid for then we'll give you your money back - straight away and with no questions asked!


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